Ivanna Doval
On the Rocks
Have you ever wanted to bartend but didn't know where to start? Are you looking to make extra money? On the Rocks is an online bartending school with the purpose to expand the barriers of bartending and help people learn effectively without breaking the bank or wasting precious time.
Artist/Thesis Statement
At the age of nineteen, I decided to make a change in my work life. I started working at a Mexican restaurant as a hostess and little did I know that this would change my life. I started learning more about the role of a server and soon started training as one. As months went on, I became a well-trained and skilled server, I had no idea the impact of a "simple" serving job would shape my skills and knowledge today. Wanting to expand my knowledge, I started training with our head bartender which ultimately led me to sign up for a bartending course. After taking the course, I had wasted my time, money, and energy to learn absolutely nothing. I was determined to find another course and so I did. To my unfortunate surprise, I had again wasted time, money, and energy.
Flash forward, a couple of years and here I am creating a brand to help people learn
how to bartend but effectively! I found that it was much more difficult to obtain knowledge and practice unless a bartender was willing to teach you. On the Rocks was created to expand the barriers of bartending. No class I took included lifetime access to useful course material. I want to break the barriers of bartending and make it known that anyone can learn. With the help of On The Rocks, a person can obtain the training and knowledge they need for success.
Interactive Website Prototype

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