Simmer is a guide for the unprepared chef. From the grocery store to your plate, it is full of guides, infographics, definitions, and recipes that reinforce cooking skills and promote better eating. For those who have just moved out or just need a refresher, Simmer is here to make cooking a little more appetizing.

Artist/Thesis Statement
Anyone who has been a college student, has moved out from their parents’ house, or has been learning to be independent will tell you it’s not easy. There are new responsibilities, things to learn, and a thousand deadlines to meet among all of it. While each person can relate to the struggles of growing up in their own unique ways, we all at some point have to learn how to cook for ourselves. For some, it’s a no-brainer, and for others it can be the most daunting skill they need to learn. Learning to cook takes time, practice, trial-and-error, and the right resources. Simmer was designed to make this a little bit easier. It is a guide for unprepared chefs who face down the challenge of learning how to cook. It can be used by chefs of all skill levels, and provides information from cooking basics to crowd-pleasing recipes.
Growing up, especially as a college student, sucks, but Simmer was made to take one thing “off your plate.” The project includes a printed book full of simple guides to over 30 different cooking skills — from grocery shopping to recipes themselves. Other ingredients include an ebook, ( an alternate way to teach the same important skills), a resource-filled website, recipe cards, a poster set, merchandise line, and gift box. I wanted to make something that I wished I had through my college experience.
While the internet is full of countless amazing and helpful tips, it is overwhelming at times and we often run into things outside of our skill level. Simmer is consistently aimed at beginners and learning chefs, written through an informative and entertaining voice that appeals to college-age adults. It is here to make cooking into a fun and exciting endeavor rather than a boring, overwhelming, albeit necessary skill. Good cooking skills lead to better health, broader horizons, more socialization, and self care. We all have to eat, so why not make it easier?

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