John Lumenello
B/C is the story of a man on his way to a new city. He gets lost in the woods and has to deal with the monsters of the forest. Will Crow make it all the way to Babylon or will he perish, forgotten by the blight of time.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Since I’ve been young animation has always amazed me, everything from a high budget movie to projects with an initial budget of about seven dollars. Watching drawings move with life has always captivated me far more than any live action ever could, so naturally I wanted to work in that art form myself.
I am greatly inspired by artists like Yoshihiro Togashi and Monty Oum. Both are storytellers who looked to do something different in their field. Togashi is known for his realistic and gripping storytelling and Oum is known for his incredible choreography and action. Both of these artists inspire me and inform my work. I want my work to show all of the gray areas in the world and explore those who exist within them. I want people to empathize with darker characters who would not be viewed as redeemable in more classical media.
I am using Autodesk Maya to model and animate my characters. 3D animation will be a better medium for this project since I will be able to explore the environment a little bit better, 3D lends itself better for action and more dynamic camera movements. As an avid 3D artist, I find that 3D environments are easier to navigate than 2D, allowing me to play with lighting and framing on the fly a lot easier than in 2D.  
I designed Crow and the monsters he encounters to mirror the uncaring world they inhabit. Crow’s blistering indifference is the result of his continued survival, as the cruelties of the world take their endless toll. The world keeps moving, apathetic to the suffering of its inhabitants. It is this attitude that Crow embodies.

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