Vincent Sophuok
Wildlife Wonders
For millions of years, Earth has been home to a wide variety of species thriving in their natural habitats. However, with the recent factors that are affecting our planet, such as climate change, many of those species are being threatened and on the verge of extinction. There is still not enough attention being paid to helping these endangered species.
Clickable Website Prototype
Artist/Thesis Statement
Wildlife Wonders is a program that teaches kids who love animals the importance of saving our endangered wildlife and ways we can help them. Working across digital and print media from posters, zoology cards, a sticker book to the main website is how kids will be engaged in learning fun facts from us.
The main website,, is where kids will have full access to learning about the animals, habitats, and climate change. Here, they will be able to gain access to the zoology cards and sticker book they want. Finally, kids will find they can meet an endangered animal, and meet an expert to help train them, and earn an adoption certificate for an endangered animal. Our hope is that kids will understand how unique these lives are, and how we can learn to preserve them in anyway we can.

Poster Series
Zoology Cards
Sticker Book
Adoption Certificates

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