I create sculptures out of trash. The materials I use are things that I have collected that I find interesting or that people close to me have given to me. It is that these materials are trash because I want to show that art that you can make with any resources no matter your budget. I also find interest in the fact that these materials were once a part of someone's life. I make clothes, accessories, and everyday objects because that is what I find most appealing. I create my objects using a cardboard or plastic base and I cover it with the desired material. 
Artist/Thesis Statement
I started exploring trash as a material before I started my college career when I became interested in cosplay. As a hobby, cosplay was a way for me to express myself as a creator through my favorite entertainment media. The usage of trash was a way to make props on a limited budget but overtime I found new possibilities of expression through trash as a material. My current artistic journey embraces these possibilities and also redefines the previous interest in cosplay under the lens of art. I am most interested in materials that were once seen as beautiful. Each material was once something that was a part of daily life, now discarded and tossed aside. I value the fact that my materials are found objects. Everything has been collected by me or those around me, giving those materials important value and meaning to me. I want to create a sense of mystery about what is underneath and how it is crafted. 

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