Lauren Newton
Boundless Bonds
Boundless Bonds is a tool to help kids get involved with the dog training process through games and tasks. Focusing on kids ages 7-8, working to help both the kid and the dog form lasting connections to build and create lasting connections.
Training Video
Artist/Thesis Statement
Over the course of the pandemic, I got my first dog and went through the whole dog training process. Working alongside my dog and building that line of communication created a greater connection than I could have imagined. There is nothing better than walking through the front door of your house to be greeted by a four-legged friend full of unconditional love. Dogs have been an important part of families for centuries, and the bond we form with them can leave a lasting impact on our life. Going beyond practicing the basic commands and having fun, interactive playtime creates a deeper bond with you and your dog.
Within families, typically the responsibility of taking care of the dog falls on the parents, but it is important to have all members of the family participate. Training and working with a dog can help build a deeper connection between a human and their best friend. Boundless Bonds works to foster the growth between kids and their dogs. Children can develop their communication skills and build a new foundation of responsibility. This helps mentally stimulate, exercise, and improve behavior in the dog— not to mention letting them work off energy in the process and giving the parents a break!
The Boundless Bonds website provides tools to help families get kids up and working with their dogs. Hosted on the website are downloadable PDFs for at-home activities with supplies you can find around the house. The step-by-step training cards can help kids learn and practice new tricks. On the back of the training cards, a QR code will link to instructional training videos as a visual aid. We hope to help build the friendship between the youngest two and four-legged members of the family through working together in a fun and interactive way.

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