Eric Berube
As someone who is intrigued and motivated by futuristic ideals, corporate notions, and spiritualism, I wanted to create a project that makes commentary on the fact that we live in a hyper consumer-capitalist reality; and how we are approaching an age of extreme digital consumption. 
Artist/Thesis Statement

Transcend is a project that takes a satirical approach to the commercialization of spiritualism. Today, there are many ways that spiritualism is commercialized, such as Meditation and Yoga programs which cost a fee to receive a feeling meant to be felt naturally. Transcend finds its roots in Transcendentalism, a belief system started in Massachusetts in 1830 that considers true beauty or divinity to be found in three forms: God, Nature, and Humanity.  I see this project, and mainly my website, as an extreme version of a typical establishment or online store. How far can we push consumer capitalist advertisements that are rooted in something so natural such as spirituality? 
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