Cassandra François
Steps to Start
Steps to Start is a platform toolkit to help college students with Executive Function Disorder schedule and organize their tasks, break large tasks into small ones, learn new strategies, and accomplish their goals one step at a time!
Artist/Thesis Statement

Executive functioning skills such as time management, working memory, and organization allow an individual to analyze, plan, organize, schedule and complete tasks in a timely fashion. This platform is tailored to assist students who struggle with executive function skills. However, this platform is also beneficial to all college students. Examples of students who struggle with executive function skills would be individuals with a learning disability, a disorder such as ADHD, a brain injury, or a variety of other health conditions.

There are numerous productivity and organization tools available, but Steps to Start (S2S) would provide a central place to use multiple tools. Steps to Start is accessible on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone making it a universal app. It provides a customizable user-experience according to an individual’s personal working style. Tools offered include a planner for the month, week, and day with print and digital components. A scheduling assistant called “Order my Steps” helps to break large tasks into small ones by helping individuals plan step-by-step. Also, a time-tracking tool is provided to help with time-management. Informative tips and links to other resources regarding executive functioning skills are provided. A variety of additional concepts are included as placeholders for future implementation and potential of
the app.

I have an interest in finding and creating solutions for people who have challenges with executive functions and who think and function differently from the ordinary crowd. Success can be found with the proper support and through finding strategies and solutions that can combat our challenges. Steps to Start aims to help people who struggle with executive functioning by providing a variety of tools, strategies, and support to pave the way to success.
Steps to Start App
Printed Planner
Process Book

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