Bohne Nguyen
Cardinal Knight

Cardinal Knight is an original indie story created by Bohne Nguyen. It tells the story of two teenagers, Vio Hoang and Scarlet Kwan. In the small city of Reedwood, a secret cult known as the Nocturni kidnaps people and turns them into demons. To combat this threat, Vio becomes "Sathanas," and Scarlet assumes the persona of "Lucifer". These two, known as "Cardinals," are human-demon hybrids donning their colorful personas. Their mission is to protect humanity from the Nocturni's dark influence and confront other hostile Cardinals.
Artist/Thesis Statement
The genre is action and supernatural. The motifs are classic monsters, chess, and the Seven Deadly Sins. This project has a colorful cast of characters and is filled with action, drama, suspense, and perhaps a bit of romance.
Cardinal Knight was influenced by superheroes, SFX dramas, and Eastern Animation. One of his primary influences for this series is Kamen Rider, a Japanese hero who transforms into a stylish suit with a special belt to fight monsters. The main theme of Cardinal Knight explores the question: "What defines us as human?" It explores whether monsters are defined by external appearances or internal qualities. Nothing is inherently good or evil, but rather the circumstances resulting from such choices. Cardinal Knight is a story primarily character driven and will be a heavy story for audiences.
Bohne Nguyen was highly influenced by pop culture and desires to craft his own stories. From a young age, his passion for entertainment formed through superhero films, live-action SFX dramas, vibrant cartoons, and comic books. Watching YouTube videos sparked his interest in making video productions of his own. He primarily explored film and animation and has collaborated with other visual artists. Bohne has a very experimental art style, willing to test out different methods like drawing, stop-motion animation, movies, 2D animation, 3D animation, and so on. These mediums give him a way to tell his stories more effectively and garner attention online. However, his true skill lies in character design, being able to come up with an original character to create new stories that centered around said characters. While Bohne initially began creating fan work based on his favorite properties, his current goal is to tell his own original work built from all the skills he had acquired.

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