Megan Steward
Threshold explores an abstract and mystical realm conjured up from my personal journey through life. These paintings are made intuitively, yet, each image and color chosen symbolically reflects what is happening in my life. The viewer is meant to be left in an air of mystery, but curious enough to put their own meaning to each piece. 
Artist/Thesis Statement
This series of paintings is a response to a personal journey, culturally and spiritually — a response from being in a transitional time of my life and discovering myself through that process. Taking inspiration from ancient Irish Pagan symbols and sigil-making from witchcraft, I developed my own abstract symbols. I wanted to create symbols, like the ancient ones, that connect us to an energetic realm that surpasses the need to be a physical realm — a representation of a threshold, a space that connects two places. 
The investigations that have taken place in my artwork play an integral part in this series. There have been many equally important stages, all different yet exist in the same realm. The layering of different symbols and patterning, as well as different colors used, are symbolic. Blues and greens are more grounded in the natural world. Purples, pinks, yellows, and oranges are energetic and spiritual. Red represents blood and the self. Black and shades of white are the balance between energies of shadow and light. 
My symbols aren’t meant to be read. There are symbols of swords that carry across my work, symbolizing truth and justice. Circles mean different things: portals, self, and higher energies. Uncompleted circles are symbolic of growth, especially after being dealt soul lessons. Stars usually stand on their own or are joined together, their lines elongating across the space, and they represent energies and how everything is connected. Spirals are another form of portals but also the journey of life. Other symbols are organic, connecting our beings to the world around us, and others are personal sigils. Although planned, these pieces are quite intuitive.

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