Mikayla Henderson
Scratch That
Scratch That is reframing the idea of the black cat, and dismantling the myths surrounding them to encourage an increase in black cats’ adoption rates.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Why are black cats known for being evil, aggressive, and unlucky animals? The culture built around black cats, especially during Halloween, has strengthened this reputation over time. Their association with death and darkness has caused people to stay clear of these innocent, loyal, and intelligent animals, causing them to be the last of the litter when it comes to adoption. Black cats in shelters are less likely to be adopted, so they often, unfortunately, come to the end of their lives by euthanization. I will be investigating black cats in all forms including what breeds they are, what stereotypes they’re associated with, and how we see black cats in culture. We see a pattern of three common associations put onto black cats; evil and witchcraft, objectification through accessorizing, and symbolism for provocative women. Considering our society has a weak grasp on all of these subjects, of course black cats will become a well-known symbol for “ungodly” behaviors and bad luck. 
In this project, I reframe the idea of the black cat and dismantle the myths surrounding them, to encourage an increase in adoption rates. To achieve this through design, I represent the innocence of black cats and show people how foolish the stereotypes we hold onto them are by using the contrast of cute, inviting illustrations and sassy, bold typography and language. I have visualized each deliverable in a playful and cheeky way, making light of the subject and portraying the true personality of black cats. Each asset in my project is meant to be both educational and fun. Although the illustrations may be cute and alluring, there is great meaning behind each one and how I am using them. ​​​​​​​

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