Michael Scaramozzino
Zino Records
Welcome to Zino Records™ we are taking the music industry by storm. We have 11 unique artists signed to our record label spanning various genres. The music that we produce is a highly curated mix of sounds from Hip-Hop to Jazz to EDM and Country.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Zino Records was created to explore the visual design within the music industry. The brands explores a wide range of design styles that are unified and fall under the umbrella of Zino Records. The record label has various artists that are signed to it, and the label has created all the promotional material that goes into marketing a musician. The album covers are at the forefront of that, they exist digitally, in print as a vinyl jacket, or in print as a CD case. There are collateral items such as music posters, artist logos, stickers, and even artist merchandise.
Zino Records has also produced Zino Fest 2023. This is a music festival that is hosted by the record label. Zino Fest is coming to 10 cities across America and each of the artists will be performing at the concert. In designing for a festival there were additional things to consider such as separate branding, physical items, stage design, tone of copywriting.
The final deliverable is the website. This is a mockup of what would be zinorecords.com and it is where all of the fans can go to stay up to date with all things Zino Records. The website has exclusive content, news on when artists are dropping their next projects, links to their work on streaming services, information about Zino Fest, and a shop to purchase merchandise.
In conclusion, when artists make music they are trying to elicit an emotion in the person listening. Zino Records is the record label that takes this one step further by creating the visual experience to accompany the music.

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