Noah Jeter
Edna and Agnier
Being able to breathe life into clay and turn it into this beautiful, realistic, and detailed sculpture. With emotion, gesture, and personality that has elements of character design/illustration. Taking the time sculpting the tendons in the hands, strands of hair, and showing how the skin wraps around the muscles and bones. Is what I enjoy about sculpting and being able to interact with the piece in a physical space adds to the immersion. Seeing the sculpture from all sides and having the ability to touch the piece creates a completely different experience than any drawing or painting
Artist/Thesis Statement
With my sculptures, I want to manipulate the human body through gesture, emotion, form, and expression. Rendering the human anatomy is one of my favorite things to do while sculpting and adding details to the sculpture to give it more character. Whether it's clothes, jewelry, props, or a background/environment. In my body of work, I wish to focus on the human body while having an illustrative touch in some of my pieces. These sculptures share similarities to some well-known myths, media, and famous artworks while focusing on the human form. For my current piece, I plan on sculpting a small female figure and a life-size male bust of my own original characters named Edna and Agnier. The life-size male figure will have four arms and an aggressive/ angry expression reaching out past the female figure. Who will be placed in front of the male figure in a meditative pose with a calm and composed expression on her face. This piece features one being physically showing two different sides of Edna where she herself embodies calm and composure while Agnier embodies anger and wrath.

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