My current body of work has been inspired by childhood art and the experience of growing up as a girl in america, I use materials like beads, yarn, stickers and traditionally feminine hobbies and crafts to create these painted objects.
Artist/Thesis Statement
As it stands my work is about gender, identity, and what it was like to be a girl. Girlhood influences my work with the glitter, beads color and material. They are a part of me. My Queerness and my Blackness will always be the content of my work, it is the driving force of me and my painted objects. I work to express the Black Queer experience through genderless ethereal creatures surrounded by sparkle and craft.
My painted objects use references to the church and religion alongside sex and implied queer sexual encounters to portray angelic like creatures in interesting scenarios. My objects are made for Black Queer individuals and are made to have a feeling of relatability

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