Sandy Tep
Jumbo Wumbo
I am creating a structural piece made of wood and acrylic paint with details ranging from different sizes. Every line and color leads to different parts of the piece. The lines and color create harmony and ties in the structure as a whole. I aim to achieve that viewer take the time and ponder on this bold sculpture and acknowledge it in a space. I conceptually explore form, line, shape, and color to really experiment with the object that I use. I am thinking about organic lines as well as inorganic lines to create this piece as well as journeys and pathways one might endure.
Artist/Thesis Statement
I am interested in spirituality, the self, observation, and thought. I am creating an experience and a moment of realizing presence in a physical space. We as humans go about our day doing our daily activities, distracted by our to do lists. This piece provides a moment where we can just stand and observe, think and feel, and be in tune with ourselves. The space we’re in is needed so we can feel grounded again.
Artists that inspire me would be Yayoi Kusama, Dan Flavin, and Stuart Davis. Kusama’s work involves being in a room with an installation, the experience allows you to immerse yourself in a world using mirrors, lights, and forms. Flavin's work displays gorgeous colored tube lights that illuminate a room. They both feel very grounded and in the moment. The way Flavin’s lights glow and saturate an area of a room and then disappear as the wall stretches is a little moment I appreciate. You stop and look, absorb the piece, seeing every big detail to small ones and let yourself be in awe of it. Another piece that inspires me is Stuart Davis’s painting “In Full Swing”. He uses bold and bright colors and creates a composition that flows and creates harmony guiding the viewer’s eyes across the canvas. He paints different colored shapes that range from different scales that expand and become smaller shapes within. He creates a color palette that harmonizes with each other and they get lost in the details. So, taking time to view this piece in its minute detail is worth it.
My mixed media sculpture uses wood and acrylic paint, to create a floor piece of different shape and size forms. I want to encapsulate the visual language of scale, form, color, and composition. Using the floor as my canvas and frame, I aim to encapsulate the feeling of a big presence in the room where you stop and look at the big details and small details. The color palette that I have chosen is bold, bright, and punchy colors. I wanted to challenge myself with the use of color by mixing and seeing what complements each other. The goal is to make this piece a spiritual experience. I want my audience to be in awe and slowly look over at details in deep thought. I hope for the viewer to take the time to observe and think about what they’re seeing and what emotions they feel. I want viewers to experience the slower moments of life.

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