Brett Dattilo
My project is called StickTogether. We are a non profit organization that collects new or used sporting equipment and sets up children in financial difficulties with a monthly donation system in which they receive a package once a month of equipment specific to one sport.. This provides exposure to a wide array of sports that they might not have had a chance to play beforehand and promotes a healthy lifestyle. 
Artist/Thesis Statement

My project is a non-profit organization called StickTogether. StickTogether collects new or used sports equipment and donates it to children from families in financial difficulties. My plan is to acquire willing families with children ages 8-13 from other nonprofits and charity organizations and set them up with a monthly donation plan in which they receive one package every month. In the packages will be a few items of equipment specific to one sport along with a rule book inside. Each month a different sport will be delivered. This system exposes children to a variety of different sports and gives them a chance to decide what sports they prefer and possibly want to pursue. The equipment will be stored at StickTogether donation centers throughout the New England area. 
The organization will be run mostly by volunteers who will provide pick-up and delivery services as well as setting up a variety of events such as donation drives and sport clinics. The clinics will teach the fundamentals of the sport and encourage the kids to be active. Local college and high school athletes from around the area will assist in running the clinics to provide a high level of expertise on the sport. 
To give detail to the organization and our mission, I have created a colorful website prototype, an informative motion graphic and a memorable poster series. Both the website and motion graphic explain the organization and give people information on how they can get involved. The two poster series highlights the importance of donations and volunteering to the StickTogether organization. This project is very important to me because my brother and I would have never started playing lacrosse if it weren’t for the generosity of a friend giving us his old gear to use. The 2nd hand gear gave us a chance to play a sport that we would never have played otherwise. We fell in love with the game and were lucky enough to accept athletic scholarship offers from division one programs for lacrosse. With this project I want to make sure that no child misses an opportunity to play a sport simply because they can’t afford the equipment.

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