Jeanne Phan
SafeNet is a campaign that spreads awareness about the dangers of speaking to strangers online and educates teens on how to protect themselves on the web.
Artist/Thesis Statement
With the vast rise of technology, many people spend their day-to-day life using a smart phone or computer. A great portion of these users are teenagers, eager to connect with one another through social media platforms posting to their feeds every day. Unfortunately for many teenagers growing up, there is a lack of internet safety being taught about the dangers of communicating with strangers online. In this day in age it is very easy to connect with someone from another city, state, or even country. Online games make it very easy and accessible to communicate with a complete stranger on the web. SafeNet is a campaign educating teenagers about how dangerous it may be speaking to strangers online.
Teenagers are always being told to be careful, to protect themselves from strangers in real life scenarios, but has anyone ever considered the possible danger they may encounter from being on the web? SafeNet educates viewers by showing them real stories of what has happened to other young teens who have spoken to or met with strangers online. SafeNet explains the possible online scenarios of grooming, exploitation, and much more. It isn’t just another platform trying to tell teens what to do, SafeNet wants teens to learn how to protect themselves so that they feel in control of whatever they may be encountering online.
SafeNet believes teens should not only be protected offline, but online as well.
Interactive Website Prototype
SafeNet Interactive Game

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