Buddy Smith
Aurora is a sleep aid organization focused on helping young adults prioritize their sleep more in a world full of things preventing you from getting your best sleep. Identify your sleep persona and take the steps to get the most out of your sleep through various actions and supplementary products and tools to aid in getting your best sleep.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Structuring your life is hard and some areas take lower priority. For many that is their sleep and the quality of it. Everyone sleeps but not everyone's sleep is the same. People all over the world struggle with sleep for various reasons. They want to get to sleep easily, but continue to struggle nightly, unable to get the proper rest for the next day. 
To combat this problem, this project explores obstacles that prevent people from getting sleep and the impacts of not getting enough quality sleep can have on the mind and body. Then with this information, understanding the issues and providing solutions and routines to follow will be the main focus. Sleep is fundamental to success, and it affects everyone, so finding a variety of solutions for people to follow is vital because people react differently to certain methods. By creating ways for people to pick methods that work for them and utilize those to their maximum potential, we would be able to deliver on our goals. 
Overall, we want to inform people about the importance of sleep and how it is vital that better sleep will improve your overall life and provide methods for them to relax so they can fall asleep easier. Providing opportunities to be mindful of their sleep and activities we are promoting are journaling, stretching, meditation, reading, etc. and identifying which works best for them by experimenting briefly and choosing what’s best for them. With these options maybe one alone is the answer or doing a few together is better for someone. We also want to provide insight into products that can help to cultivate better sleep environments.


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