Charlotte Dufresne
Monty's Peeps
Monty’s Peeps features a curious parrot helping and guiding young kids through everyday life problems with his books. Monty’s story starts with him stumbling around and needing glasses because of it so his friends help him find the courage to wear them and be his awesome self.
Artist/Thesis Statement
This project has taken over a year to complete, and has shaped into something creative, lovable, unique. It started with a real pet parrot, and like most people I wanted to keep my pet forever and this is a way to do that whilst also helping others. Young children can learn about life issues and discover the confidence they need to overcome the things that scare them. Monty is a wonderful loyal friend that should be shared by others and be enjoyed as a fun, silly, playful character.
Through the posters, we learn about the nostalgia of book fairs, what Monty is all about, and other friends we will know and love. The animation tells us about who Monty is and what makes him funny and special to those who love him. The stuffed animals are special for kids to hold and feels safe with, and they allow them to see Monty as more real than if he was just in a book. The physical book helps young readers to grow up with a lovable character and have wholesome memories with their parents. Learning to overcome life struggles starts at an early age and I want young people to understand how comfy and confident you can still be even when you’re having a hard time.

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