Bridget Carney-Mogan
Zesters is a turn-based tactical RPG, where the player explores different worlds collecting ingredients to make the magical mushroom soup. This project was an exploration in game user experience and interface design. Using pixel art and modern UI, Zesters is a warm and inviting look into the relationship between user experience and game design.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Zesters is a project I started because of my love of user interface design and my love of gaming. The game development form of UI design was a unique challenge to face. It required me to explore a different aspect of the user experience and to think outside of my normal skill set used in web development UI.
In this project, I created wireframes and user flows that focused on what the user will be focusing on in game. It required me to think about which information is most important to the user and what order they will be taking in information.
I enjoyed the process of combining my intense user experience research with a strong visual component. I wanted to explore pixel art without limiting my UI design to illustrative icons. I used flat vector elements with 3-dimensional pixel illustrations to really define the visual style of Zesters.
This project provided a lot of insight into the differences of UI design across different forms of media. Zesters has deepened my love of UI design and I hope to continue perfecting this project.

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