Gabe Olsen
The Mindset Project
The Mindset Project raises the importance of understanding and developing your mindset as it can have a positive effect on your everyday life. Studying and using the philosophical ideas of how people think and learn, this project makes it easy to understand and expand one’s mindset to benefit themselves and their future.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Your mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notions that you hold throughout your life. Understanding your mindset and learning about how you think can allow you to fail, benefit, grow, and learn based on how you choose to perceive situations. The goal of The Mindset Project is to help people understand and develop their mindset as it can have a positive effect on your everyday life.
The Mindset Project provides resources, questions, and learning material to help others understand mindset; as well as learn the difference between a growth and a fixed mindset, and how you can develop your skills, methods, and habits to improve the many aspects of your life. Training the way you think will create positive and beneficial outcomes in school, work, relationships, and life.
If we look at our education as a place where we are supposed to retain amounts of information, we end up trying to look for validation of our knowledge through grades and success. This need for validation ends up carrying over into your adult life, unable to allow for failure and scared of what you do not know. The true purpose of education is training our minds to think a certain way, how we go about perceiving situations, evaluating our understanding and then deciding to act upon our thoughts. Failure, discomfort, and the unknown is where you learn the most because it is not until you have failed that you are able to truly understand something.

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