Arthur Mahoney
This is Normal
This is Normal is a step into a universe in which emotional responses to stress are natural. It’s okay to talk about your feelings with someone you love. This capstone is a collection of character-driven stories and activities. This is Normal is about acknowledging that just that: however unexpected the event, emotional response is entirely ordinary and addressable.
Artist/Thesis Statement

If you are still very young, you may notice that adults don’t always know what to say when things change. In 2020, families were compelled to face new stresses one after the other, locked-down together, in an uncertain marathon. I saw friends navigating their narratives with their children and students as the pandemic developed.
This is Normal is a step into a universe where emotional responses to stress are natural, and feelings and behaviors can be acknowledged truthfully and addressed with compassion. It’s okay to talk about both with someone you love! The capstone contains a set of stories and activities driven by characters stuck in a scenario not unlike our own. The present moment demands reflection and resilience, so TIN is centered around opportunities to enable both. Story content is based on developmentally-appropriate social needs and fears for different age groups and highlights key early defenses against the impact of traumatic childhood experiences.
Print and digital applications bridge the physical and online worlds. An interactive story tells of the daily routine of a young person stuck at home with family in a format comfortable for digital natives, who will discover familiar frustrations in his story. Print activity books, stress-management tools, and emotional reflection cards allow young people to hold meaningful conversations with themselves and others away from the screen.

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