Caroline Foster
Learn Love​​​​​​​
Learn love is a resource to help kids understand and accept LGBTQ+. Kids will access this program as a tablet app, where they can learn about and ask anything regarding LGBTQ+ topics. The concept is also brought into the classroom with the intention to promote spreading love, dreaming big, and being kind.
Artist/Thesis Statement

Four out of five students who are harassed, are targeted because of their identity, including perceived sexual orientation. For my Senior Studio project, I’m creating a program, Learn Love, which is a resource to help kids understand and accept LGBTQ+. 
Learn Love consists of an application for kids to read real stories, watch videos, and ask their own questions on LGBTQ+ topics. My intention is to promote togetherness and overall positivity within children’s personal lives, as well as in the classroom. The goal of this program is to help children learn about and accept LGBTQ+ people, as well as promoting inclusivity.

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