Antonina Nadeau
Active Hearts
Active Hearts is a resource for women to find discipline, confidence and a routine that inspires them to make healthy lifestyle choices so they can live to their full potential.
Artist/Thesis Statement
These past few years, my appreciation for fitness & health has grown. I started off my journey simply trying to gain weight per doctor’s orders because I was fainting — it wasn’t easy. While putting on weight, I got interested in weightlifting and loved how it made me feel. Through my health journey I discovered the benefits of lifting and how empowered it made me feel. I have gained strength and self-discipline.
I created Active Hearts to highlight the benefits of developing self-discipline and how it improves the quality of your life. Working out consistently and eating mindfully are very beneficial in growing mentally and physically. Active Hearts makes the health journeys of women enjoyable for them by providing Instagram posts, motivational posters, a guidebook, and an app! No matter what stage you are in of your journey, Active Hearts has the resources you need to accomplish your goals and live to your full potential.
Interactive App Prototype

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