Qadir Barnard-Pratt
Camp Hollowveil​​​​​​​
My senior studio is Camp Hollowveil, a local multiplayer choose-your-own adventure game in Unity. The players play as campers at a spooky summer camp, and the activities they participate in determine whether they'll survive the week. I work in 3d modeling, character design and game design.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Qadir Barnard-Pratt is a senior at Umass Lowell Lowell studying Animation. He is focusing on 3D Animation and Game Design as his medium of choice, but has a passion for other art mediums as well, such as painting, leather carving, woodworking and more. He chose animation as his medium of choice because he thought it would be the best method to show a story, from start to finish, in a way more people can understand. The movement and expressiveness of the characters adds a depth to storytelling that writing alone can’t express. Qadir wants to produce animations and games that tell a story and allow the viewer to feel the experiences of the characters firsthand.
His senior project, Camp Hollowveil, is a game that draws inspiration from choose-your-own adventure games. It allows the player to make choices that affect the outcome of the story, but in a way that makes for a unique experience each time. The players choose where to go and what to do, but every time a random event happens that forces them to make a crucial choice. In the end, the players actions are the deciding factor on whether they survive or perish during their week at camp

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