Samuel Tuan
Uptempo is an organization for rhythm gamers by rhythm gamers looking to bring the community together in the current era. More people than ever before are learning about the joys rhythm games can bring and Uptempo wants to be a place they can come together with that passion.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Rhythm games meant a lot to me growing up and getting invested in them opened me up to a community of peers that I was able to befriend, compete and mature with. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to notice that the channels of communication that bridged the gaps between these disparate communities during my childhood are no longer there/active.
With the recent resurgence in popularity of rhythm gaming (RG) comes a problem: the new people learning to love this genre of game face a more difficult time finding a central place to congregate, stay current on news, and engage with others that share their passion. Uptempo was created to solve this problem. We seek to serve as a uniting hub for RG communities through the implementation of forums, easy tournament organization and easy access to stream content, bringing back the more centralized platforms of the past.
With Uptempo a new generation of rhythm gamers can come to discover just how much the community behind the games has to offer.

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