Deena Brady
Reframing Time
Within this series “Reframing Time” I’m thinking about time, life, and mortality. I make paintings in response to the world around me that depict objects of personal significance, as they serve as symbols to speak about parts of the larger human experience. This collection of oil paintings are specifically about the major milestone of graduating from college
Artist/Thesis Statement
The act of painting and how I do it, is what makes me want to paint more. The physicality and ability to create any imagery is what excites me about oil paint. Each painting begins with a drawing investigation, to connect object and content. The layout and subject matter evolve depending on how the parts interact with each other. Objects are built with thick and thin paint, based on how the objects exist in the painting's universe. Often, the background and shapes will be painted thinner than objects are. I find interest in how objects and shapes can be flattened in relation to each other. Through painting I enjoy changing, creating, and carving out an atmosphere for my thoughts to live in.
I hope that viewers will be curious about the use of flatness and thickness in my work. With my paintings being a reflection of my mind, I hope they will help the audience notice the little details in their own world, as well as lead to a reflection of their own thoughts.

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