Benn Lafortune
Eyes Full of Lies:
Color Blindness
My project focuses on information regarding color blindness. I am partially color blind, and it has become something that I must deal with in graphic design. Although many have heard about this topic, there is still so much detail to learn about it. Using posters, an app and a book, I created work to explore information about color blindness.

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Artist/Thesis Statement

Color blindness is something that I can relate to and has always been of interest to me, ever since I found out that I am partly color blind. I have always wanted to learn more about how this affects me, and how my sight compares to what other people are able to see. I feel this is relevant because everyone sees color, but not everyone can see the same. This project is for anyone interested in the topic of color and how we see and experience it.
Graphic design is a career path in which dealing with color is an important part of the job. This project aims to inform people of color blindness, while also proving that even people who are affected by this can perform in tasks people with normal vision can do.
My work depicts infographics, an app and a book regarding color blindness. The infographics are used as a way to represent a visual of the color blind population, how many males versus females have it and how dominant red-green color blindness is compared to the other types. The app is used as a game for people to learn more about this topic, while the book is dealing with overall information: from statistics to what jobs color blind people cannot get. An example of a job someone who’s color blind may not be able to get is becoming a pilot.
What inspired me to create this work about color blindness is the realization that I do not see everything the same as everyone else. That alone made me want to explore ways to help others learn about the people impacted by this.

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