Dhruvi Patel
Gemmers is the newest social platform that unlocks the most recent elite spots around various travel destinations. We inspire our customers to explore cities by proposing locations they would enjoy, such as cool speakeasies or a shoe store hidden behind a convenience store's entrance.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Through our experiences, we learn, develop, and enjoy our lives. Every day introduces new experiences that shape our personalities into the unique individuals that we are. What if we could continuously have interesting adventures that brighten up every trip we take? Gemmers makes enjoying life easier for explorers through the discovery of hidden locations in and around major cities.
Gemmers is a social platform designed to uncover the world's hidden gems. The coolest gems in any city are revealed by your fellow Gemmers and the platform will organize and curate your favorite gems from around the world into your own profile. Only the best will be included on Gemmers — no tourist traps. We help the city and local businesses grow while also providing content for those who want to make their journeys more unique and discover hidden wonders. Some of the gems that are included in the platform are speakeasies that are concealed by normal doors or secret outdoor gardens and unique experiences that you would have never found without Gemmers.

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