John C Riley III
Brave Dogs
Hello, my name is John C Riley, and I am a veteran who created Brave Dogs which is a hot dog company that helps people like me! Hot dogs are delicious, fast to make, can be purchased in markets and served from food trucks. Ladies and gentlemen, my hot dog company takes 50 percent of our sales to run a support system to help veterans and our slogan is “Hot Dogs from heroes” because we are veteran owned and operated.
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Interactive Mission Statement
Artist/Thesis Statement

Brave Dogs can be the missing piece locally in New England that can help assist those who served our country and need help. We sell hot dogs to operate an altruistic system called H.E.R.O.E.S. which stands for Honor, Empathy, Rehabilitation, Opportunity, Education, and Support. This mission statement is the cornerstone of the project and each letter acts as an arm reaching out to veterans to give them the best help possible. On a given night there are about 40,056 veterans who are homeless, and veterans are two times as likely to become homeless than the civilian population. Brave Dogs is owned and operated by veterans exclusively because we are the ones to give veterans the opportunity to start over with employment, training, housing, and rehabilitation. The hot dog flavors are named after ranks and nicknames of all five of the military branches to name a few. Our five types of hot dogs are color coded to compliment the branches of service. Hot dogs are great, but they are just a facilitator for what is really the goal for this capstone.  
FAQ about homeless veterans. (2019). Retrieved from National Coalition of homeless veterans:
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