Drew Carbone
Amp is a way for artists to connect and network with other people in the music industry. No matter where you are, amp connects you to nearby artists, producers, and studios. Amp is a community of people who share the same love for music and creating.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Over the past two semesters I have been working on creating a platform that not only I could benefit from but also many other people who enjoy making music. When brainstorming ideas, I decided to take the music route because music is something I’m extremely passionate about. Especially with the presence of covid, networking within the music industry has become more and more difficult, lesser so now, but during the peak of it no one was really connecting or meeting in real world scenarios which is where the idea came from.
The app is called AMP. The main goal of amp is to give people a chance to network and connect anywhere they go. It also isn’t strictly for artists but also producers, engineers, agents and anyone really with a passion for music and all that come with it. When you open up the app your prompted to allow the use of your current location, so it can connect with people closest to you. Also, the ability to find nearby studios and also even book studio time through the app. Besides the main goal of networking I don’t want AMP to be only an app but more of a brand and community. With that comes many other things including clothing.
When coming up with ideas for what AMP could do I decided to include the creation of a yearly music festival that brings people together as a community. The idea is that while people continue to connect and create through the app, the festival gives them a chance to come out and show others what they got. Throughout the year the app will have information and ads to let people know what’s to come with the yearly festival. My idea is that each year the festival will have a different theme and you will be able to submit a song and your information for a chance to get on stage to perform. Also, the festival won’t be attended by only people who are on the app. Anyone will be allowed to attend. The festival will be help outdoors with the presence of a number of different food trucks and also merch tables for AMP and also each artist performing will have their own table that they can sell their own merch and CDs at. Another possible idea I had for the festival is that each year we have a new big-name artist come out for the main performance.

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