Tenley Moriarty
Paws in the Beyond

Are you recently mourning the loss of a pet? At Paws in the Beyond, we are committed to helping you cope with this tragedy. 
Artist/Thesis Statement
In a world where the connection between humans and pets runs deep, to lose a pet is to lose your best friend. Anyone who has been through this knows that there is a lack of sanctuary and support for this specific type of grieving. The emotional bond between a human and their pet is so profound, yet society overlooks the depth of this connection. Many people may even argue that the loss of a pet should be considered less significant than other forms of grief, such as the loss of a human family member or friend. This lack of resources leaves bereaved pet owners to navigate their grief alone without a compassionate refuge for solace and healing. 
To recognize this gap in care would be to provide a dedicated space for pet owners to find comfort amongst a community struggling through similar experiences and get them the support they deserve in their time of mourning. This organization aims to provide that support system and recognize a form of grief that is often overlooked by society. We believe that just like any other loss, the grieving process for pet owners should be acknowledged and validated. This project seeks to create a safe and empathetic environment where individuals can navigate their grief, find comfort, and ultimately move toward healing.
Our Grievance Package offers memorial items like framed prints and pet stickers, along with educational brochures. We focus on a visually soothing design that reflects the emotional connection between owners and their pets. Soft, comforting colors, gentle typography, and imagery that captures the essence of pets’ companionship are key elements. Our goal is to create a visual language that conveys empathy, support, and the enduring bond between owners and their beloved pets, enhancing the communication of our non-profit organization’s compassionate mission.
Through these comprehensive initiatives addressing the unique challenges associated with grieving for a pet, we hope to contribute to a more compassionate and inclusive approach to grief support in our society.

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