Chris Shaw
Behind the Design

Behind The Design takes a look at common concepts and tools graphic designers use, and explains the technical aspects in a fun and interactive way.
Artist/Thesis Statement
In today’s world of instant gratification, services that come with prepackaged designs, and the looming presence of AI assisted art and design people more than ever are disconnected from the fundamentals of what is used to make the designs that fills the world around.
Behind The Design hopes to remedy at least one of these issues. By diving deep into some the fundamental aspects that make up the graphic part of graphic design, I hope to show that you that designers who really know what they’re doing with their tools can create some amazing pieces of design. Ultimately this project is a love letter to human ingenuity and curiosity, to those who aren’t satisfied with something just working, they need to know how it works. For those who desire to know more and better themselves, and for those who can just appreciate the complexity and depth of the tools graphic designers use every day.

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