James Hays
Bubbl is an online educational platform to help students learn about money when it first becomes important to them. Life is expensive, but not many know HOW expensive. Preparing people early in life allows for more financial opportunities later.
This is an interactive website prototype, explore here!
Artist/Thesis Statement
Life is complicated, and education is important to daily life—however the American school system is insufficiently preparing students for many of the challenges seen in daily life. My senior project is one of the ways to bring financial literacy to the people who need it most—upcoming adults. Without being able to change school curriculum very easily, Bubbl is an alternative to adding money education to classrooms directly. Engaging students with colorful imagery and the technology they use every day improves the speed and immersion in education than ever before. Bubbl is a platform which uses the benefits of easily accessible applications and websites to better inform the next generation about life with finances, budgeting, stock options and much more. The name Bubbl alludes to an economic bubble (an economic cycle that is characterized by the rapid escalation of market value) - which is often a place of most gain and loss in capital.
Process Book

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