Duke M. Ogeto
Maisha Yangu
Maisha Yangu is a project that tells the story of my journey coming from Kenya to the United States. This project will showcase who I am, where I come from, and my culture. Ultimately, I want people to embrace their culture, who they are as people, and where they come from because all the different components shape you into the person you are right now and in the future.
Artist/Thesis Statement

For my Senior Studio project, I want to tell the story of my journey coming from Kenya to the United States. Specifically, I will dive into various topics which include the history of my family, the village that I come from, the cultural differences between Kenya and the United States, and other various topics as well.
My reason for doing this project is because I feel when people come from a different country and are placed in a new environment or new situation, they forget who they were before and that’s something I didn’t want for myself because embracing your culture is important to who you are as an individual.
The goals I look to accomplish with my project are: I want to learn more about myself and my family, educate others about who I am and where I come from, provide an experience, and to inspire and encourage others to want to learn more about themselves, their family history, their culture or revisit any old traditions so they do 
not lose their identity of who they are and where they come from. Ultimately, I hope my project can serve as a template for others to tell their journey, culture, and who they are as people.
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