Bre Winn
Just Voting
Confused about the who, where, what, and when of voting? Here’s just what you need to walk into your polling station. Life’s busy, you’re busy, and we’re busy too. Let’s just cover the basics.
Artist/Thesis Statement

In high school, I didn’t learn anything after the civil rights movement. A quick dip into “Vietnam was bad” and that was that for United States history.
But we don’t have elections on the War of 1812, or referendums over whether the Louisiana Purchase was a good idea. Everything from the 1980s onward is what affects us on a daily basis. As a young person who was not taught about civics, it feels like politic spaces are not places I should occupy. 
I try to pay attention as much as anyone can, but if I’m "the political friend” and I don’t feel comfortable in these spaces, how can we expect any young person to feel like their voice is one that deserves to be heard. Just Voting exists to be the starting point in a young person's political efficacy. You don’t need to know everything. It’s okay. 
Just Voting is just what you need before stepping into a voting booth.

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