Anthony "Fritos" Rodriguez
Circuit is a virtual fitness platform that aims to get college students back into the habit of exercising. Build your online avatar, meet new people online, and have fun along the way!
Topic Explainer
Artist/Thesis Statement
The freshman 15 became the freshman 30 for me. I gained 30 pounds in a year. It was difficult to balance all of my new responsibilities as a new college student and only have 24 hours each day to fit them all. This resulted in exercise being phased out and my physical and mental health suffering. It didn’t help to have to go through a pandemic. Don’t even get me started in quarantine. It took time to reintroduce exercise to my schedule consistently and I want to make that easier for other college students. My solution for this dilemma is Circuit.
Circuit is a virtual fitness platform for college students looking to do quick fitness workouts with friends or other challengers online. A workout can be as simple as walking, as glamorous as dancing, or as soothing as yoga. Moving your body is all it takes. Workouts on Circuit are brief, only taking 5 minutes. Workout groups help meet others with similar interests. Build your online avatar and customize it to your own liking. Circuit is here to help college students get back into the habit of working out while making it fun again.

Circuit Prototype
BFA Exhibition
Process Book

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