Abdiel Rojas
Silent Nite
You sleep every night. You close your eyes and rest the mind. You should be good at sleeping by now, right? Unfortunately, many of us have trouble sleeping. Silent Nite is a sleep aid company that aims to help individuals fall asleep, as well as promote sleep hygiene along the way. Between fifty to seventy million people in the United States alone have a sleeping disorder. Luckily, Silent Nite is here to help.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Insomnia is the worst, and at the lowest point in my life, I could not sleep. I went nights without any sleep and had to go to the hospital multiple times. Now I must take medication to help me fall asleep. This is when I started to appreciate sleeping and having a healthy mindset.
Everyone needs sleep, it keeps the body healthy. Many individuals like myself have trouble sleeping. Being sleep-deprived or having poor sleep quality can be caused by sleep disorders and can lead to other health disorders. This is what makes sleep hygiene essential for your life. Sleep hygiene means having both a bedroom environment and daily routines that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep. Having good sleep hygiene can truly change your life. That is why I decided to focus on the idea of sleep and sleep hygiene for my senior capstone.
Silent Nite aims to help individuals sleep and promote sleep hygiene. Silent Nite achieves this goal with their sleep aid products. One sleep aid is the Silent Nite sleep tracker app that helps individuals keep their sleep schedule in check. Another Silent Nite sleep aid is the dream journal. Journaling dreams allows you to work through unprocessed issues in your waking life and come to terms with them. Finally, the website where you can learn more about Silent Nite and sleep hygiene.
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