Nicole Cleary
An Adventure to get
Happy & Healthy
with Friends
An Adventure to Get Happy and Healthy with Friends is a campaign to promote healthy habits at public events, specifically anime conventions. Your new friends, Kopo, Beto, Shaki and Fuwa, are here to help remind you to stay hydrated, active, healthy and well-rested with encouragement and cuteness!
Artist/Thesis Statement
Thanks to streaming services, the popularity of Japanese animation—known as "anime"—has been exploding. I've been an avid fan for many years now so it's heartening to see people come to appreciate it. It's also got me to think about things I missed during 2020, one of them being anime conventions. There is really nothing like the giddy excitement of getting to meet new people while bonding over a shared love of something.
The project combines my love of anime and con culture as well as my pursuit of self-betterment. Conventions are a place of fun and excitement; however, they don't really provide things like food options outside of Japanese candy or sodas. Ignoring things like not eating healthily or not getting enough sleep can lead to serious issues later in life. Those with more sedentary lifestyles or hobbies like watching anime or playing video games are more susceptible.
But you're in luck because An Adventure to Get Happy and Healthy with Friends is here to help! Making serious changes to your lifestyle is not easy, but it might be a bit more fun with a cute friend by your side. We have Kopo, who is always hydrated; Beto, who despite his noodly arms, loves fitness and physical activity; Shaki, who stays freshy by making healthy food choices; and Fuwa, who always gets her eight hours of recommended sleep! When you do better, they do better.

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