Jared LeBlanc
Creative Careers
Creative Careers is a yearly fair dedicated to inspiring and promoting the various fields of graphic design. The fair will make sure to highlight the important information high school students need and give them the right materials to plan a successful path in graphic design if the student so pleases.

Artist/Thesis Statement
I knew I wanted to spread the word about graphic design and let students know that this field is an option for them. When I grew up I never got the chance to go into school for graphic design because I didn’t find out about it until half way into a Computer Science degree. I knew that there could be other students heading down the same path and some with skills in art have this opportunity to make a living out of it. With the way the world is heading with social media it’s no surprise that digital design is becoming more and more in demand.
When students attend this fair they get to learn about each career and see examples about the careers. By participating in the lectures they can answer questions at the end and get a role placement based on their choices and this will give them an idea about where their interests can lead them for a career.

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