Adriela Dolor
Reunion is a booklet that explores the relationships between a parent and their child in AAPI families. Discussions were conducted to collect real people's stories about their lives, their families, and the Asian American experience. Reunion aims to represent AAPI voices.
Artist/Thesis Statement
It wasn’t until I arrived in college that I fully embraced my Filipino culture. Being surrounded by an Asian community made me realize that we’re all just trying to find familiarity and a piece of home in a place where that’s not always welcome.
I wanted to provide a space for AAPI voices to share a story not often talked about but extremely relatable. It’s known that Asian Americans have strict parents and rigid lifestyles. Why is that? Discussions were conducted with groups of Asian Americans to explore the relationship between a parent and their child and family dynamics in general. These discussions involved people with a range of ages. This helped people understand new perspectives that they had not thought of. Despite everyone being different, it was comforting to see everybody realize we’re all going through the same thing.
Hosting these conversations were truly enlightening. As much as I loved asking the important questions, I loved listening to the answers significantly more. Reunion has been a passion project of mine but I’m glad to see other people being passionate about it as well.

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