Logan Carver
Three Proud Men
Three Proud Men is the tale of a broken, polyamorous couple trying to work through their issues. Alejandro is a man with a damaged past, and it causes him to act rash and borderline violent in the current day, and his behavior is causing his relationship to fall apart.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Three Proud Men is a sequential storytelling project. It follows a hectic day in the life of a gay throuple. Any type of problematic behavior is predicated by an incident that leads up to it, and this project demonstrates how it can affect the people you love. The story follows Alejandro, a man plagued with familial issues from his childhood that continue to affect his behavior in modern day. Having only recently come to terms with his sexuality, he struggles to express his love while upholding the views that he developed as a result of his trauma. All the while, it's causing his relationship to fall apart.
The art installation is meant to provide awareness to unconventional relationship styles, bring LGBTQ+ representation through different body types and life experiences, and provide education on ways to maintain a healthy relationship while also educating on the ways mental illness can impact a person.

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