Melanie Rivera
Rarefield is a blockchain operated women’s national soccer game that uses Flow blockchain as a network to securely trade digitized cards. The game consists of creating your virtual team of women soccer players from the upcoming Women's World Cup 2023. Teams will be ranked on the performance of the players on the real-world soccer ranking.
Artist/Thesis Statement
I have always been passionate about technology and its advancements and how that will shape our future; I began trading cryptocurrency in 2019 a couple months before the COVID Pandemic. I was skeptical but also excited and aware of its potential market growth. I was pleased to see a growth in my cryptocurrency and became invested. Subsequently, I learned about NFTs which are digital assets where an individual can access exclusive ownership rights which are recorded in a blockchain. I became infatuated with this new concept and what it can mean for future artists.
Rarefield is a women’s national football NFT game operating in Flow which is designed via Proof-of-Stake that consumes thousands of times less energy than Proof-of-Work blockchains. Flow uses less than 1 Gigawatt/year of energy. This makes the Flow Blockchain an eco-friendlier choice. To play the game players will have to keep up with the upcoming Women’s World Cup 2023 and the value of their team will increase or decrease in value according to the players performance in real life. You will play football matches online versus different players from all over the world.  Players will be allowed to buy, trade and sell teams through metamask (cryptocurrency wallet). Making the transactions safe and engaging. Sustainability is important and I believe with further modifications, updates and eco-friendly blockchains we will all one day coexist in the metaverse. Reducing the number of transactions per block by implementing a two way process before entering the blockchain can be an alternative. In a world where most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels, it wouldn't be right to turn a blind eye to its contributions to global warming if change doesn’t happen.
Rarefield is a project that colloquially spreads awareness that with the help of everyone in the world we can build a better place where art is valued. My main issue with blockchains in which NFTs are being run are its use of energy-intense computer transactions to authenticate and sell the digital artwork.

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