Meg Pallis
Exploring Environments: 
New England
This game is an educational twist on Candyland. As the player moves around the board, they move around the map of New England. They learn about the different species of plants and animals found in the local environment.
Artist/Thesis Statement

I created a game to teach kids about New England’s environment and climate. This game is geared toward teaching younger kids about the ecosystems, climate, and how to safely enjoy the outdoors in a fun and interactive way. This is for an audience of children ages 5-10. I want to teach kids about the local geography/environment while getting them engaged in the importance of maintaining the variety of natural habitats & species found in this region. 
This will reinforce their understanding of the environment, and incite interest in protecting it. The board takes them to a different part of the map, and then explains an animal, plant, landscape, or climate featured in our region. Part of the instructions is to have each player read their info card aloud to teach the rest of the players as well. 
My passion for this topic is driven by my love of the outdoors, my home New England, and playing outside/teaching my younger cousins.

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