Nicholas 'Veras' Connolly
Jean & Clark
Jean & Clark is a comedy and dark morality-based cartoon about the nature of treating those who are different with respect and kindness. The story follows the introduction of Clark Therencrow and Jean Abersort who join forces to make the world a better place for the Altered, a society of folks who were physically mutated due to a time-space catastrophe. The story is a small part of a larger anthology about the importance of coming together for a common cause, whether it’s fighting for the rights of an oppressed group of individuals or saving the multiverse.
Artist/Thesis Statement
With inspiration roots tied to early 2000-2010s cartoons like Steven Universe and that of Tim Burton, Nicholas “Veras” Connolly takes their characters and stories into a strange light with comedy-based dialogue and horror/trauma-based conflicts and visuals. Growing up, Veras watched a lot of cartoons that were made during a time coined “The Golden Age” of Cartoon Network, getting exposed to an influx of extraordinary media and storytelling. Because of this, creativity and writing are directed mainly toward the characters, focusing on the ins and outs of what makes them who they are and how they interact with the world around them. This is done through dialogue and subtle body motions from the characters, displaying their emotions even when they don't intend to. The heart of The Bioprism Anthology Series is to bring a sense of openness and wonder to a completely fictional multiverse where ANYONE could be the hero at any given moment. There really are no "main characters", there are only characters who take turns telling their stories. One story may focus on a universe-jumping cat, while another will focus on a convenience store employee visiting a hypothetical dreamscape! The possibility of the infinite and connecting it together to tell one cohesive narrative is what Veras strives to do.

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