Durwin Wongwajarachot
Tabletop Venturers

Tabletop Venturers is a cooperative card game for 1-3 players with a digital game extension that adds to the game’s interactivity. The game puts you and your friends in the middle of a battlefield where monsters block your path. Your team will have to duel them with the weapons given! Play games on the computer that translate into attacks, use abilities specific to your weapon, and defeat the monsters to move forward!
Artist/Thesis Statement
Tabletop Venturers takes inspiration from role-playing and roguelite video games, and has a similar theme to the popular fantasy pen-and-paper game, Dungeons & Dragons. A step-up from Dungeons & Dragons, however, is the implementation of digital games, adding more interactivity and impact to the actions of the player, which helps in creating a fun, immersive experience that relies on both skill and luck.
I have always felt interested in how a work of art becomes something novel and unique for everyone. The contrasts between each person’s different interpretations are determined by their own life experiences, and I find that to be very engaging and almost limitless in potential. A similar case is how a player strategizes when playing games. The engagement multiplies when there are multiple people working together, and I find times when a team works together to complete something efficiently to be one of the most satisfying moments. Even if it’s at a much smaller scale, I want that to
be achieved in Tabletop Venturers, with players being able to plan out what they want to do in what order, with knowledge of the monsters’ moves helping with the strategy for that turn.
There are a lot of art pieces in the world with high ambitions, showing how far an artist can impact the world. The artists who strive for things like that earn my admiration, but I find art doesn’t always need to be so motivated. Some artists create pieces that describe themselves, others create pieces that they just want to admire. I want to make works that are interactive or can be interacted with by means beyond just our sight and hearing, things that can get people and art more engaged and intertwined. Partially because they can spark more thoughts. Mostly because they are
more fun that way.

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