Tanner Holk
Two Eggs in a Nest
We are only open late, we close up early, and we are always on the move. Two Eggs in a Nest is a mobile diner for night owls and early birds. Always told not to put all of our eggs in one basket. My partner and I hatched up this idea originally as a backup plan for when we were ready to fly the coop.
Artist/Thesis Statement
The first meal of the day, usually in the morning. From the term “Break a Fast” - when somebody eats after an extended period of not eating, like when sleeping.
While breakfast to some may be the first meal of the day, my partner and I could eat it any time of day. I am a night owl, up late and hungry working on new projects. Meanwhile she is a morning bird who is up before anyone else. When we first met we would meet up at sunrise every day before work to make breakfast and enjoy an early morning excursion together. We knew this would give us the right foundation to get our day started and keep us field while hiking. Noticing a lack of restaurants serving the same quality breakfast we made at home, at the times and destinations we wanted to go to. Fast food restaurants are convenient, but the fare is lamentable
at best.
Which had us thinking. What if there were a place that had a cozy small town diner vibe, but with the same convenience as ordering from a window. All while being at a destination location - that would be idyllic. With that idea in mind, Two Eggs in a Nest was hatched. We are only open late, we close up early, and we are always on the move. Serving up breakfast with a smile, and providing an environment the community can enjoy. All of our meals are handcrafted by us with an ever-changing menu of delicious breakfast options that cover a large variety of dietary restrictions. When you start your day with us, you’re guaranteed to start it with a smile.

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