REMiniscence is an interactive project revolving around the story of Remi, an alien robot who crash lands on Earth while on a very important mission. She learns that human experiences can provide fuel for her to get back home. The audience can help Remi on her journey by telling her their dreams and help visualize the dreams for Remi to show and teach her about Earth.
Artist/Thesis Statement

Ever since I was a child, I loved reading. Getting lost in new and different worlds was my favorite pastime for many years. In recent years I've discovered that I love storytelling and have developed the habit of writing down any idea I had in mind for a story, especially if I thought it was a stupid idea. I now have a great collection of stories and ideas that I can look back on and incorporate into different projects. This practice of mine is what initially sparked my senior studio idea and, over time, I managed to refine this project into its own little story.
REMiniscence is the story of Remi, an alien robot who crash lands on Earth while on a very important mission for her home planet. While she's stranded on Earth with no fuel and no idea how to get around, she discovers that human dreams and experiences have enough energy to power her ship. The REMiniscence Project is the collection of these experiences that Remi can use as fuel to return home.
REMiniscence is an interactive project about strange dreams and weird memories. It's a project in which the audience can submit dreams and can also help visualize the dreams for Remi, who has no clue about how things work on Earth. The main website is a way for the audience to submit their dreams to the project. The accompanying zine collects some of the art responses and their accompanying dreams and presents them in a printed format. My goal with REMiniscence is to create something that others could immerse themselves in, that can encourage interaction and the spirit of creation. Something that, unbeknownst to me when I started this project last year, would end up becoming really needed in these unprecedented quarantine times.

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