Kassy Tiburcio
Happy Place
I am creating a painting composed of multiple canvases that depict an imaginary world that I call my happy place. It is a peaceful world filled with bright colors and whimsical characters. This world is a joyful escape from my reality. I've chosen to transport it onto canvas in hopes that the viewer will either be transported there or begin to imagine their happy place.
Artist/Thesis Statement
I am creating a painting from an imaginary world I sometimes wish to escape to. This world is what I refer to as a happy place. It is a place where everything is peaceful and lighthearted. I discovered this world during a therapy exercise when I was asked to close my eyes and think of a relaxing environment. I started imagining animals that could talk, flowers that could dance, bottled up rainbows and sunshine. This world was so colorful and lively. Ever since that moment, I have been trying to transport this happy place onto canvas. I want my color palette to set the tone for the image. It should be bright and warm. Bright colors should make the artwork feel fun and interesting. Warm colors should invoke emotion for the viewer giving them a sense of comfort.
I like to draw my characters involved in silly activities or calm and peaceful environments. It is important that my characters appear friendly and inviting because they are the bridge between the viewer and their world. I draw a lot of inspiration from my favorite cartoons. I've always found them to be a source of comfort and happiness in my life. When I'm having anxiety, I watch cartoons, and I always find myself wishing I could jump through the screen and live in that world for a little while. The carefree nature of the characters has always been inspiring to me, they were always happy, and when things went wrong, they pushed through all of the negativity and found peace again. I set out to do the same thing in my own life. The way I achieve that goal has been through my art. I draw characters that give off the same carefree and whimsical spirit that I admire.
When I get overwhelmed, I create images from a world that feels entirely different from reality. In this world, things are always joyful. If the work is successful, that will mean that it; either transported the viewer to this happy place or; it made them think about what their happy place is.

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