Andrew Jones Prah
This is Meridian, the shipping company that ships from the USA to Ghana with the aim of providing affordable and convenient shipping services.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Connection with family and other loved ones means a lot to me. Moving from Ghana to come live in the United States, I stayed connected to these loving people by shopping and shipping to them every Christmas. The cost of shipping through DHL, FedEx and UPS became expensive and the business of courier services, freight forwarding, logistics and transport management has over the years been problematic for both service providers and clients. Service providers aim to maximizing profits over minimum input cost regarding insurance, security, and timeline delivery components. Clients on the other hand have issues with relatively high cost of service, insurance, and failure to receive their shipment(s) on scheduled timeline(s).
Thinking and focusing on these issues has led me to research solutions and offer probable suggestions and recommendations to improve — if not completely curb  — such problems by creating Meridian.

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